By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts, like many other states, is facing a host of fiscal issues.

Lt. Gov. Tim Murray recently sat down with WBZ’s Jon Keller to discuss those issues and any potential solutions.

Have we made any progress with our recently consolidated transit system?

“I think we’ve made some progress. We’ve reduced the number of structurally deficient bridges. We have repaved roads. We have improved a lot of the rail infrastructure. So, we have made some progress, but there’s still significant challenges, and I think when we had the whole reform before revenue debate a few years ago, it was institute these reforms, ring out savings, hundreds of millions of dollars have been saved, but that we were gonna then have to have a conversation about how do we have a sustainable system going forward, and I think that time in the next year or two to have that discussion,” said Lt. Gov. Murray.

Part 1:

Sec. of Transportation Richard Davey recently said it would take more than a modest fare increase to make a dent in the T’s projected deficit. Is Murray ready to endorse a major fare increase?

“What I’m willing to endorse is a conversation about how we identify revenue, money, could be partly fare, could be a combination of things. But, we have to have a conversation about how we’re going to pay for rapid transit, how we’re going to pay for roads and bridges, how we’re going to pay for rail infrastructure that allows us to compete, and it’s gonna take some revenue, there’s no doubt,” said Lt. Gov. Murray.

When should this conversation about the transportation budget begin?

Part 2:

“I think (the conversation) needs to happen in the next year or two. My sense is get into next year. Let’s have how we’re gonna pay for the transportation system for the next 20 years. Part of the challenge is that we inherited so much of this debt because people weren’t willing to say, ‘Here’s the system, here are its annual operating costs.’ They borrowed to pay for it. They did not have the operating capital to do it,” said Murray.

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Comments (2)
  1. . says:

    There’s never enough money – never.

  2. fred says:

    What exactly are these so called reforms that have saved hundereds of millions of dollars? The pension reforms only affect new hires – so there’s not much there that can be saved for decades – you know when those 44 year old MBTA retiree’s and their spouses begin to die. There will be increased taxes to pay for this mess which was caused by decades of mismanagement. Gas taxes, excise taxes, sales taxes, etc will all go up. I would like to know what percentage of every dollar collected that is supposidly for infrastructure is actually used to maintain the system. Where is the accounting for the billions waisted?

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