NAHANT (CBS) – Beachgoers witnessed an unusual sight in Nahant on Saturday.

A dead nine-foot blue shark washed up overnight.

Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation staff used a bucket loader to remove the approximate 300 pound remains.

Marine experts examined the shark, which appeared in good condition, except for evidence of a hook in its jaw. They believe the shark’s death was fishing-related.

A state shark biologist said that many sharks after being hooked can succumb to shock after being physically compromised by a long fight.

According to the New England Aquarium’s Tony LaCasse, Blue sharks are a common shark in New England waters and are not a protected species.

They most commonly feed on small schooling fish and squid. Currently, there are very large schools of mackerel in Massachusetts Bay, and many blue sharks have been sighted feeding well off shore this past week.

Blue sharks prefer deep water, but occasionally will follow prey into coastal waters.

Comments (4)
  1. bonesbone says:

    That not a shark, It’s a lawyer!

  2. cats222 says:

    This poor shark

  3. dcg says:

    Thought maybe the Pats defense had washed ashore..nope. nothing here.

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