By Meteorologist Joe Joyce

The Rain has pushed off shore, but plenty of clouds remain today as SW winds aloft continue to stee  warm humid airmass into the northeast. High pressure will be building towards New England with a stalling front off our coast this afternoon. This should give way to some increasing sun or at least a thing to the overcast this afternoon. Breaks are already visible on the satellite. Overall, a decent Saturday… With temps already in the 70’s, by afternoon it will feel down right summer like with highs in the Lwr 80’s and dewpoints near 70. Ugh.

With a un upper level ridge off the coast and an upper level low back through the Great lakes…this stagnant weather pattern resumes for the forseeable future. Nothing seems to want to budge in this blocking pattern. Some dry air inplace tonight, but overrunning clouds are likely with lows in the 60’s near 70 with patchy fog in this humid airmass.

We will be tracking showers with embedded heavier rain moving up the coast Sunday.  A wave of low pressure will push north in the sourthly flow up the coast and will ride up along a stalled front just off the coast. Many of our models are keeping the showers south of New England Sunday, but with increasing lift and moistening of the airmass, there is an increased risk for a few showers along the south coast which may even push into CT & RI during the afternoon. Another cloudy humid day with highs in the upper 70’s and lwr 80’s with breaks of sun especially north closer to the drier air.

Comments (3)
  1. David White says:

    Thanks Joe:

    The light at the end of the tunnel is (you guessed it) the seven day accu calling for a new pattern of drier and cooler weather to commence next weekend. Are you suggesting Joe, however that this present pattern might linger into October? I can hardly bear to think of it being humid every day for the next two weeks! Too late in the season for that! Let’s have a nice comfortable continental air mass, which is what the GFS is implying for the first week of October. I know that’s a ways off, but we can hope! We can enjoy the sunny breaks in the meantime and run the air conditioners a week longer than usual

  2. David White says:

    I just checked the NWS discussions. It appears the tropical air mass might evolve into a damp and raw air mass (which I prefer over tropical humidity) by the end of next week. The question being will it clear out by the weekend? I believe the GFS is more optimistic than the Euro on this, as it appears to open the present closed low in the midwest, but midweek, moving it east slightly north of us. The Euro tracks it further south over us in a closed mode, meaning I suppose the low could set up housekeeping over us, for as many days as it has remained to the west of us. May it be well east of us by early October!

  3. David White says:

    If there is a stretch of raw maritime air it will be short lived and the dry air settles in on Friday for next weekend.

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