BOSTON (CBS) – Let’s think about the long-term for the Boston Bruins.

I mean really think about it. Let’s say five years from now. It’s the start of the 2016 season and like any other year there are the usual questions. What’s the chemistry going to be like? Who will start in net? Does this team have what it takes to win?

Yes, there will be things to consider, but don’t fret too much. There is hope. And fortunately enough for you it comes in the form of your first line star center; Tyler Seguin.

Is there some wishful thinking in there? Probably, but if the fans expect Seguin to flourish into an all-star player he needs to play the role that suits him best; center.

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With this 2011 Bruins team, there is simply no need to hold back Seguin’s potential.  There is a lot of talent on this team. They won the Stanley Cup for god’s sake! Between Chara, Bergeron, Horton, Lucic and Krejci, there are enough players that could step up and fill holes if needed. Seguin isn’t alone.

That being the case, let “the kid” lead the third line.

Yes, he can learn a lot by playing with Patrice Bergeron on the second unit, however, the long-term effects may be more negative than positive. If he develops as a center, he could easily transition in to the wing position.

The other way around? Not as easy.

Seguin the veteran center will most certainly be a better player than Seguin the veteran winger. Period.  In terms of pairings, only time will tell who can play alongside him. Maybe a rookie? Maybe Pouliot? Peverly? As long there is some speed and skill on that third line, then Seguin can grow.

The Bruins are in a very fortunate situation. Their team is strong. They have talent. They have the 2010 2nd overall pick. The Stanley Cup run was great; but now it’s over. We have to look ahead.

In terms of the long-term, it seems more fitting to allow the young forward to flourish as a center than hurt his potential as a winger.

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