BOSTON (CBS) – New England Patriots defensive end Andre Carter has been fined by the NFL for a hit on Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers last Sunday.

Carter found out about the $15 thousand on Friday. Carter was flagged for “roughing the passer” in the second quarter of Sunday’s 35-21 win over San Diego. It was ruled that Carter drove Rivers into the ground after the quarterback had already thrown the ball.

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“Fed-Ex mail,” Carter said when asked how he got the news. “I thought I was home free, but there ended up being a nice little letter on my seat. I kinda knew what it was. I opened it up and it notified me that I got fined.”

Carter said he plans to appeal the fine.

This is the second time Carter has been fined in his career.  The first time happened in 2002.

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“But that was a late hit,” he noted. “I’ll take credit for that one; that was pretty bad. It was like one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three and boom. Same fine; different year.”

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