Felger & Massarotti continued the discussion on who is to blame for the Red Sox potential collapse.

For those people who want to lay blame on Theo Epstein, how come no one was complaining back on August 1 or even September 1? On August 1, the Sox were on pace for a 100-win season. On Sept. 1, they were on a pace for 99 wins. What has changed with this team?

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Clay Buchholz has been out since June 16. What could have been if Buchholz was still healthy? Without Buchholz or Dice-K the Sox were still on pace for 100 wins. What injuries could be blamed for the struggles?

Felger and Mazz refuse to blame injuries for the collapse. Tonight the Red Sox open a 3-game series with the New York Yankees. Do the Yankees want to put the Red Sox out of the misery? Does the Yankees hatred towards the Red Sox still exist?


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