BOSTON (CBS) – Governor Patrick was among those who stopped by the one-day expo at the Hynes Convention Center Friday called “Products And Designs That Change Our Lives.”

NAO is one product from Aldebaran Robotics. Two feet tall, it can also access the internet. Think of it as a walking laptop. It can be made compatible with other objects, such as refrigerators.

Beth Mahon of Aldebaran says NAO can be an aid to help those with physical challenges. It can also be used as a teaching device in classrooms and is very effective in working with kids with autism.

There’s been strong evidence pointing to the fact that autistic kids interact better with technology than they do often time with humans.

“Often times, what will happen is an autistic child will get nervous and start clapping his hands and making noises. The robot actually seems to present a fun learning interacting with them,” said Mahon.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

Governor Patrick toured the expo and says this is the type of industry Massachusetts wants to be a part of.

“We saw some other applications that can be used around the house to make it a little easier to manage life at home if you have a disability,” the governor told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic. “The fact that robotics is one of the applications means we have an opportunity here in the commonwealth given the strength of our own robotics sector to contribute to a solution, and that’s exciting.”


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