The Bruins kicked off their preseason with a 2-1 OT loss to the Ottawa Senators. Lane MacDermid scored the only goal for Boston in the loss.

Joe Haggerty was out at the game and called to talk with Toucher & Rich about what he saw, who’s fighting for a spot on this team and Zdeno Chara’s injury.

There were a lot of unfamiliar faces on the ice last night for the Bruins. Haggerty said that the team look slow out on the ice, but said that the Black and White scrimmage in Providence, RI and the fact that they’ve been going so hard in camp may have played a part in the performance.

The guys went on to discuss what positions if any available for some of these young guys to fill.

“There’s 17 or 18 guys coming back from last year’s team so there’s going to be a lot of people returning and not many open spots. It looks like there’s one winger spot where Benoit Pouliot and Jordan Caron might be fighting for the same position in the lineup and the other guy may be the first guy off the bench. And then Chris Clark 35/36 year old veteran is another guy that’s been competing as a winger too and is kind of an older sort of leadership style guy…It’s mostly bench and reserve rolls guys will be playing for on this team,” Haggerty said.

They also went on to talk about the injury to Zdeno Chara. The defenseman left Monday morning’s scrimmage early after taking a puck off his left leg. He did not play in Ottawa Wednesday night, what’s the latest?

“You may see him tomorrow night, I think there’s a chance you will. He was back on the ice yesterday practicing with the team. It’s a bruise so it seems like it’s getting better,” said Haggerty.

The guys discussed all this and more with Joe Haggerty.


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