By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

We were wondering who paid the million dollars for the 2 hikers that have just been released? – Paul, Brewster

I’m curious who is actually paying the “bail” money that it cost to free those hikers that thought it would be fun to hike along the Iranian border? By the way, who thinks that? – D, Hudson

The “sultanate of Oman” paid the bail/fine for the 2 hikers, according to the lawyer who represents the men.  Oman is an oil rich country next to Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

President Obama thanked the leaders of Oman, Iraq and Switzerland for helping negotiate the release.

Do you think it was Oman’s money or did they just hand it over?  Do you think the hikers just made a dumb mistake and walked where they shouldn’t have, or are there other explanations?

  1. civa57 says:

    There is enough doubt and confusion coming from other media stories about this issue that I believe the U.S. taxpayers paid the ransom. Oman was simply the go-between, since the U.S. and Iran don’t have direct relations.

    The hikers used very poor judgement in being anywhere close to the border.
    Their future wages should be partially garnished to help pay back the bail money as a consequence for their actions.

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