MALDEN (CBS) – A man and woman accused of using a trash bag to rob a taxi driver were each ordered held on $2,000 bail Thursday.

Jaime Diaco and Jason Russell, both 34 years old, were arrested Wednesday night at a supermarket, where investigators say Russell was shoplifting.

They were wanted for robbing a cabbie early Wednesday morning in Malden.

Russell allegedly put a black trash bag over the driver’s head, claimed Diaco had a gun and then fought with him.

The couple eventually ran off with about $140 and the driver’s wallet, according to police.

But they left a very big clue behind, Diaco’s pocketbook.

“Within that pocketbook were numerous pay stubs with the name of Jamie Diaco,” prosecutor Christopher Minue said in court Thursday.

“And within that, loan paperwork with the name of Mr. Jason Russell.”

According to court documents, the pair was later caught on surveillance video using the cab driver’s bank card at a Dunkin’ Donuts and trying to withdraw money from an ATM.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports

Diaco and Russell did not show their faces at their arraignment in Malden District Court.

Comments (5)
  1. msw says:

    Their IQs are probably the same as their age.

    1. linda falardeau says:

      see what drugs can do to a person it ruins not only thier lives but the lives of the people that love them .

  2. debbie says:

    Jamie u should be ashamed of yourself u gave up 2 beautiful kids,Why dont u start doing the right thing

  3. M.B says:

    Some people need to hit rock bottom in order to climb back up. One would hope that losing their children, not once, but twice, would stir up the desire to do better. But THIS situation may be what Jaime needs to truly understand how troubled she is and how the ppl around her effect her life in the wrong way. I pray that she finds sobriety and pulls what’s left of her life together, for her own sake, not just for the sake of her son and daughter.

  4. D,J. says:

    Jaime, when are you ever gonna learn??? A brught young woman with tons to live for with two two in your life and true friends and family, who’s been there for you the most, instead of waisting everything all away with drugs that bring you nowhere and pulls everything away from you???

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