After winning their first two games to start off the season the Patriots head into Buffalo to take on the Bills, who are also 2-0.

Former Buffalo Bills safety and current color commentator for Bills radio broadcasts Mark Kelso joined Toucher & Rich to discuss the upcoming game between the Patriots and Bills.

Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick hasn’t got a lot of credit and most people assumed that he wasn’t a starter in this league. If you take a look now their 2-0 and he had the highest QB rating in week 1, what does Kelso make of all this?

“He has a lot of qualities that you want in your quarterback, there’s no question about that. I think he has tremendous leadership ability, he’s got a very good arm he doesn’t have a great arm, but he’s got a much better than average arm…I think he’s a team first guy and I think he’s a winner,” Kelso said.

They moved on to discuss the early success of the Buffalo Bills. Is this success due to the team finally adapting to Chan Gailey as a head coach or his spread offense?

“A combination of both probably, I mean the playbook is a little bit bigger than it was before, they’ve got more options available to them. I think they’ve got some guys who have stepped up to some position,” said Kelso.

They moved on to discuss the running back position for the Bills. In the past this position has seen many guys come and go, the guy who has emerged out of all of this is Fred Jackson. What are Kelso’s thoughts on Jackson?

“I’d put him in the top 5 of the NFL without question…He does everything well there’s no question,” said Kelso.

They went on to discuss the drafting of C.J. Spiller in the 2010 draft. Was it a luxury pick at a point when the Bills couldn’t afford one?

All this and so much more with Mark Kelso as the Patriots prepare to do in Buffalo.


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