The New England Patriots head into Buffalo on Sunday to do battle with the Bills.

Andy Hart from Patriots Football Weekly spoke with Toucher & Rich about Ryan Fitzpatrick, C.J. Spiller, this Bills defense, Chad Ochocinco and Patriots linebackers.

Toucher & Rich talked to current color commentator for Bills radio broadcasts Mark Kelso earlier in the morning and he said that he would rank Fred Jackson in the top 5 of NFL running backs. Would Hart rank Jackson that high?

“I don’t agree with it, but I’m not sure it’s ridiculous. He has developed as a nice player for them, looks like he’s ready for a real breakout year after a nice year last year…He’s a very underrated player,” Hart said.

They moved on to discuss the two performances by Ryan Fitzpatrick to start off the season. Some say well look at the defenses he’s playing in Oakland and Kansas City, but these teams have given up less yards than the Patriots. Is this Pats defense going to have an issue containing Fitzpatrick on Sunday afternoon?

“I know they are very excited in Western New York and they should be, they’ve been so down for so long. I’m much more ready to say Fred Jackson is legit than I am Ryan Fitzpatrick…I’m not willing to anoint him a franchise quarterback. I’m not willing to say that he legitimately belongs statistically atop the league with Tom Brady,” Hart said.

They also discussed the loss of Roscoe Parrish for the season and the Bills talk of moving C.J. Spiller over to wide receiver a little bit more. Does that move create any matchup problems for the Patriots?

They also talked about the Bills defense not being able to contain Jason Campbell. If they had that much of an issue with Campbell will Tom Brady just be able to have his way with the Bills based on the success he’s had so far?

The Patriots will be down a tight end this game and maybe a few more in the coming weeks due to a left knee injury to Aaron Hernandez. Will we see more out of Chad Ochocinco or will they look to another option to get things done?

“I think and I kind of hope that it’s going to be Ochocinco. He hasn’t been a huge part of the offense the first couple of weeks. They’ve gone with the the two tight end, two wide receiver spread set hurry up and I understand that. That’s fine, but now you look at it if Ocho hasn’t been a big part of the game plan on the field it mean’s he hasn’t gotten a lot of reps in practice because the first unit the bulk of the reps. And, you just wonder how’s he suppose to pick up the offense if he’s not getting game reps, not getting practice reps? I’d like to see him be the guy that fills in here,” said Hart.

All this and so much more with Patriots Football Weekly’s Andy Hart.


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