By Kate Merrill, WBZ-TVBy Kate Merrill

BOSTON (CBS) – Telemarketers are now turning to texts instead of phone calls and there’s little you can do to stop it. Ads for prescription drugs, a second income, help getting rid of bill collectors, or even to find your secret crush. These are just like any other texts, so unless you have unlimited texting, the quick messages can add up in a big way on your next bill.

And if you’ve signed up for the Do Not Call Registry that won’t help. The popular service doesn’t cover text messaging.

Carl Howe, the director of research at the Yankee Group, says it could be time for a Do Not Text Registry. And thousands of cell phone users agree. The same group that runs the Do Not Call Registry, The Federal Trade Commission, has received more than 4,500 complaints about cell phone spam. But the FTC tells us texts are harder to block than phone calls and at this point a Do Not Text Registry just isn’t feasible.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

To battle cell phone spam, Howe suggests consumers may want to be more careful about when they give out their mobile phone numbers.

Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint will give you a credit for spam but you have to ask for it.

Tracking down the spammers is no easy task. That phone number attached to the text is usually a fake.

If you’d like to file a complaint about spam on your cell phone log onto the FTC website or call 1-877-FTC-HELP.

Comments (2)
  1. Jim says:

    My cell carrier ATT has a block on all TEXT MESSAGING which can be requested due to this problem. I just don’t text and don’t need it since I go with data for email. Why bother with text ..? If you have a telemarketer text just request a texting block for your cell phone. its a global setting and no excessive texting bills.

  2. stacy says:

    This is not the worst part, the worst part is that some of these text messages tell you they’re “signing you up to a rebill service just one example is:

    something has to be done about this.. I don’t understand why “do not text” registry is not feasable..

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