BOSTON (CBS) – The mother of a teenager whose arrest sparked a controversy says she forgives the police officers.

Several civil rights activists and community leaders spoke out today against the Suffolk District Attorney’s report, which cleared seven Boston Police officers of any wrongdoing, in connection with their arrest of a juvenile last year.

“This sudden verdict came through Friday, and it just opened the wounds even more,” she says.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

The controversial incident, which was caught on camera, took place at Roxbury Community College where the teenager’s mother asked the community to start the healing process.

The juvenile’s mom says she was horrified when she first saw the video of her son being beaten by a group of police officers last October.

She and her family were in the process of healing from that incident, until last Friday, when the Suffolk District Attorney said no criminal charges will be filed against the police officers involved in that arrest.

But she says she does forgive those officers.

“They didn’t stop me from living my life, and with the grace of God my son is still here.”

Comments (2)
  1. sean says:

    Whenever there is suspected cop brutality the civil rights advocates and community leaders all come out saying how wrong it is and it’s always the cops fault. Never once do they consider the actions of the person that lead to the cops using force. Let the cops do their job and instead of forgiving the cops why don’t you apologize for your kid being a punk.

  2. John says:

    How about the officer who tried to stop the bystander from filming in violation of BPD policy? That very video just ended up CLEARING him and his colleagues of wrongdoing.

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