CHELSEA (CBS) – Police are looking for two teens who lost control of a pit bull that attacked a 2-year-old girl in Chelsea on Wednesday.

Jessica Boyd, the girl’s mother, told Chelsea police that she and her children were outside their Grove Street apartment on Tuesday afternoon waiting for a cab. They could see some teens playing with the dog when it got loose and made a charge for the little girl.

Boyd was able to get the dog off her daughter, but only after the girl suffered bite wounds on her stomach and elsewhere.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports.

“They told us before that it was a fighting dog because I had seen the dog before and I’d seen scars on him and I said, ‘Oh, has he been a fighting dog before?’ And he said yeah, but that he wasn’t going to be one anymore,” said Jessica Mejia, who lives with Boyd’s family.

Listen to the 911 call:

Police are looking for two Hispanic males aged 15-18 who fled the scene after the incident.

The dog, which was found without any identifying tags or licensing information, is now quarantined at North Shore Animal Hospital in Lynn.

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  1. Paige says:

    Really because on another news stations she told them her 2 1/2yr old and 3yr old were out on the side walk by themselves and she was in the house. She should not have left her kids alone, she is lucky it was only a dog bite and not a child molester that took her freaking kids. If she was outside with her kids where she should of been she could of been there to help her kid from the dog. Her as a mother is more dangerous to the kids than a dog. To all the people saying that this dog only did this because it’s a pitbull are morons. An untrained lab would of done the same thing, actions for humans and dogs are learned, not automatic.

  2. emom says:

    How do you rehabilitate a dog breed for fighting.. Sorry this dog does not belong around people.. I feel for this little girl, the fear she must have now toward dogs. I am glad she will be ok,, As for that dog, sorry we all know the answer to that.. Its dangerous.. Pure & simple. .

  3. Matt says:

    So now it starts again. People will swear up and down that it is not the dog but the owners that are to problem, and how they would let their dog baby sit their kids. Wake up people pitbulls are a problem.

    1. Daren says:

      I’ve been around a lot of pits and I’d say if this or any dog had NOT been raised or introduced to the fighting pits BY A HUMAN, it would be a different story…

    2. Daren says:

      even the mother feels the owners are to blame…not the dog..from the story on WHDH site “A 2.5-year-old girl was bit by a dog on Tuesday afternoon and the girl’s mother is only blaming the dog’s owners, not the dog.”
      ……. Matt maybe you need to go spend a day at a shelter and walk pit bulls only to witness their temperament

      1. Matt says:

        Like I said. Here it goes again.

      2. SK says:

        Daren, you’re delusional. I think people have “witnessed their temperament” enough, these dogs are a huge liability and enough people are too irresponsible to own one that they should be banned.

  4. AT says:

    I personally have a pit. Not an issue. Lets see what the owners looks like and where they are from. That’s the problem.

  5. Dee says:

    Statistics show that pit bulls are number 1 in maulings and deaths by dogs in the USA. Many insurance companies do not cover people who own this breed. This is BAD DOG #1! As for the two Hispanic males ages 15-18, why are they not in school learning something instead of roaming the streets?

  6. DeeGee says:

    Pits should be banned in Chelsea, people don’t have them for pets, they have them for status and fighting, I see kids walking them all the time, thrashing the leashes to aggrevate them and get them riled up. They think they look “cool” or menacing with the dog. They don’t take care of them, they don’t feed them well. They don’t exercise them. It’s nerve racking walking your dog, I’m afraid to run into one of those owners with one of those pits and theiy’ll kill my dog. Nuff said

  7. emom says:

    The many stories we see on dags mauling someone its always a child, a defensless animal and the dog owners always said the dog is a gently dog andlives with kids… yeah cant wait to see the owner for this dog and yeah was was a child out of school, I would ask another question but leave it up to someone else… But we see that these dogs are agressive in nature, why cant they simple be on chains, not leashes chains,, they are strong in all ways including their jaws, their bite power per square inch is incredible. they are simply powerfull. this little girl was extremely lucky,, to blame the owner is one think, But the dog is a menace at this point , If you can not handle a dog any kind then you should never own one, nor should you babysit a dog you know nothing about. dog is a menace simply. .

  8. MMarcia says:

    Dogs learn fighting at that level. Only in a structured home will a dog who has been trained to fight become tame. Sad for the dog, who is also a victim here.

  9. Willow says:

    I’ve volunteered at a shelter, and have a nephew who has the most loveable pitbull you will ever see. I have a big old fluffy mutt who I had to train not to bite men. I own to dogs that I adopted from the shelter and both came with baggage. They are not pitbulls or any other dog on the fighting list. Just plain, ordinary mutts. Obviously, they were both abused because I have issues with the smaller dog too. After months of training, I now know how to work with my dogs and to take care of their needs and their fears. I remember when German Shepherds were killers, Doberman Pinchers were killers, etc. Many breeds have had the same distinction that pitbulls have today. Any animal, I don’t care what it is will be a product of how they are raised. If this poor dog has been abused and taught to hurt others, then that’s what it will do. People will continue to make these dogs mean along with other breeds as well. Yes, the dog is a victim here too. Thank God the little girl is okay.

  10. emom says:

    Personally I fear these dogs,, But thats me,, being bit By a bull dog at a young age can do that,,, I also dont like dogs that are aggresive,,, to me unless you are trained in a defense reason or for security Why make them aggressive… Sure other dogs can be mean and attack hell For years german shepards & doberman pinchers where the worst back when I was a kid…. But do folks have to worry if a dog is friendly or not, or has the capability to tear into your body and maul you,,, NO.. But sadly if a dog taste blood,especcially in the way some of these attachs happen I find rehabing them to beuseless. a nip is one thing,, but tearinginto someone and not letting go ripping at them then how can you rahab that behavior ,, they have the chance to do it againb and we have seen this before dog being a victim sure,, but still its not a safe animal….

  11. roberto perez says:

    So i guess the same goes for humans, if a human kills all humans are killers, so why don`t we just ban the human race! I have two american terriers (not pits) pits are fighting dogs, mine are therapy dogs, people need to get them when they are puppies and train them for positive reasons, sorry for the girl and all, but everyone has to snap into reality, not all dogs are the same.

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