CHELSEA (CBS) – Jessica Boyd was clutching her daughter Caylee as tightly as she could Tuesday night, just hours after the two-year -old was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull, right in front of her house.

Right around two Tuesday afternoon, Caylee and her older sister were in front of their Grove Street apartment. Mom was on her way downstairs.

For some reason, the dog attacked, until his owner, ripped him off the little girl.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports

A young man told WBZ he’s the one who’s been caring for the dog for one of his friends.

He wouldn’t talk on camera, but said he’s only had the one-year-old pit bull and boxer mix four or five days.

Jennifer Mejia, a family friend who lives with Caylee, says the dog used to be used for fighting, and is easily provoked.

Caylee suffered four puncture wounds to her torso, incredibly, nothing life threatening.


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