BOSTON (CBS) – John Tomase from the Boston Herald spoke with Toucher & Rich Tuesday about Carl Crawford and John Lackey as the Red Sox struggle to make the playoffs.

Crawford sat out Monday’s doubleheader with Baltimore because of a stiff neck.

What did Tomase think of that?

“Frankly I was a little surprised. Who wouldn’t be here at a point in the season where every win is a must? You would like to think that your $20 million left fielder, even if he’s had a terrible season, would do what it takes to get in there and the fact that he wasn’t was disappointing, but it’s just sort of part and parcel with his season I guess,” said Tomase.

Crawford seems to be deflated and wrote an apology to Sox fans in his blog.

Did the criticism from fans and the media really get to him?

“He hears every bit of criticism, like when he’s on the field and fans heckle him, he hears it and take it personally. He almost reacts by getting sad, some guys get angry and it’s fire and brimstone and he just takes it really personally. It just makes you wonder how he’s going to deal with 6 more years in Boston,” Tomase said.

They moved on to discuss John Lackey’s performance this season. If Boston’s rotation was healthy would Lackey find himself in the bullpen?

“As far as Lackey goes it’s a hypothetical, but I have to think if they had alternatives there would be a point where you just say, you know what, it’s not working. Maybe it’s a phantom injury or something, but you can’t keep running him out there every 5th day,” Tomase said.

Listen to the interview here:


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