NightSide – Shai Bazak, Rob Leikind, and Barry Shrage Discuss The Future Of Palestine

BOSTON (CBS) – With a possible pending vote on whether or not the UN will recognize Palestine as a state, the Middle East is on the verge of a drastic shake-up. Sitting down with Dan in studio to talk about this complex issue are the Consul General of Israel to New England, Shai Bazak, Rob Leikind, Director of the American Jewish Committee – Boston, and Barry Shrage, President of Combined Jewish Philanthropies.

Originally broadcast September 20th, 2011.

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  • Abu Talib Irshad

    Hello Dan. I’m just stoped by and happened to listen in on this old program. I will mention that on the issue of the Palestinian people that they should have a state. The same as Isreal. Just as Isreal was created during 1948,. And if we could create Isreal with the pin, we can remove them with the same pin. Let’s do the right-thing and give Isreal some land outside Boston. They do not have “RIGHT” to the land. They gave up the right when they as a people refused to obey God (Allah) when ordered. Read the Bible.

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