By WBZ-TV Chief Correspondent Joe Shortsleeve

BOSTON (CBS) – Quite an unusual arrest at Logan Airport.

Drug dealers have tried all kinds of ways to sneak drugs into this country now you add old smelly sneakers to the list.

It was officers from the US Customs and Border Enforcement who stopped this guy as he entered this country through Logan’s International Terminal. The red flag: new stitching inside old sneakers.

WBZ-TV’s Joe Shortsleeve reports

24-year-old Carlos Lanns looked a little shell shocked in East Boston district court Tuesday. Last night at the Jet Blue Terminal at Logan he was arrested by federal customs officers after they found something unusual wrapped in cellophane in his checked luggage. And before Lanns knew it he was surrounded by state police.

Erik Bennett is the prosecutor from Suffolk County District Attorney’s office who handled the arraignment.

“Those state troopers were shown four pairs of shoes that were in Mr. Lanns’ checked luggage. In those four pairs of shoes for a total eight shoes was a large quantity of cocaine.”

It was not just cocaine in the sneakers. It was cocaine molded and colored to fit neatly inside the insoles of those sneakers.

It was almost four and half pounds of the white stuff.

And it was only spotted when a curious customs agent removed the insoles.

It is not entirely clear why he was coming to Boston. Prosecutors say he has an address in New Jersey but also has strong ties to the Dominican Republic. He was flying in from Santo Domingo at the time of his arrest.

What ever his plan for the foot shaped cocaine, prosecutors suggest it was a significant bust.

carlos lanns JetBlue Passenger Arrested At Logan After Cocaine Found In Shoes

Carlos Lanns at his arraignment in East Boston District Court

“When a kilogram is cut for individual consumption a kilogram has a street value of $100,000.00.

So here the defendant was in possession of over $200,000.00.”

Lanns is not a US citizen but is a resident of New Jersey. His defense attorney said he was here because he was planning on moving to Boston. The judge ordered him held on $300,000 dollars cash bail.

Now sources tell WBZ Lanns initially tripped up on some questions and answers regarding his recent travel and that caused officers to look a little closer. That is when one of them spotted that new stitching inside several old pairs of sneakers.

Comments (9)
  1. eddwal50 says:

    where was he flying into boston from

    1. Bob Nelson says:

      it said Santo Domingo in the D.R. I guess they don’t do the take-your-shoes off bit

    2. Bob Nelson says:

      oops I see they were in his checked luggage

  2. Cinque says:

    His defense layer said the poor kid has never been in trouble (never caught) before so he should be treated fairly. He’s got $200,000 in coke in his luggage but he really didn’t know that this was a bad thing to do. “I want to live in America, okay to live in America….. One of the reasons we all have to press 1 for English.

  3. emom says:

    WOW,, checked baggage, its never checked for anything ,,, HHMMM and they want to do away with the taking of shoes during going thru securty.. I see a huge flaw with all this,,,, where i the security for checked bags,, HMMMMM .

  4. Matt says:

    Where is Al Bundy when you need him?

  5. thor's hammer says:

    there should be only penalty for people who peddle in poison such as this. alas, injecting them with an overdose of their wares would be whined about by the aclu. ever seen an addicted baby go through withdrawal, and most women who have an addiction give birth to premature infants. so, let’s put this criminal in a 4X4 windowless cell. no tv, education, computer, free health care. we owe you nothing. maybe if you rat out who you were carrying for, we’ll give you 30 minutes outside the cell once or twice a week, maybe. zero tolerance, zero second chances.

    1. Bob says:

      THOR for drug czar !

    2. Kramer says:

      I strongly suggest you switch to decaf.

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