BOSTON (CBS) – Apparently the blockbuster Hollywood movie Contagion is so convincing, it’s causing a bit of unrest.

A lot of people want to know whether the Hollywood flick about a deadly pandemic spreading across the world could really happen.

In fact, the Center for Disease Control says since the popular movie came out, they’ve received a number of calls from concerned citizens.

“We’ve been getting calls as have state and local health departments since the movie opened,” Dr. Steven Thacker, Deputy Director of the Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology and Laboratory Services at the CDC in Atlanta told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Rod Fritz.

Dr. Thacker admits there is some truth to the movie, and in fact it could happen.
“The movie is based on good scientific fact,” he said. “We have diseases that spread rapidly. We have diseases with high mortality rates. What makes it unlikely is for these things to happen simultaneously in a rapid fashion.”

Dr. Thacker also says the CDC is working around the clock to respond to contagious disease threats.

Listen: Rod Fritz’s Interview With Dr. Thacker

Of course, their goal is to educate callers, rather than frighten them. The CDC offers simple tips on how to avoid outbreaks of potentially dangerous illnesses, like washing your hands.

For more information and to see those tips, check out the CDC’s response the movie on its website.


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