By Levan Reid

FOXBORO (CBS) – The New England Patriots improved to 2 -0 after beating the San Diego Chargers 35-21 on Sunday.

Obviously, it was a bit of a downtrodden mood in the San Diego locker room after the defeat.  Here’s some of what they had to say:

QB Philip Rivers on losing to the Patriots:

“Every game that you lose, for the most part, is very similar in the fact that you turn it over, don’t convert down there when you get an opportunity or you miss a few throws. That’s how you lose every game and the ones you win, you make a few more plays than the other guys, and obviously, they have something to do with it. They’re a good team and this a though place to play. Obviously, we haven’t won here in a while – not since ’05. So you hope you get the opportunity to play them again at some point.”

“It’s just disappointing to lose. Anytime you lose, you’re disappointed. We’re 1-1. It’s disappointing to lose, but it’s a long year and we’re going to be a heck of a team. Really, the only goal that we have to scratch off our list right now is winning them all. We can throw that one out the window, but everything else is still there. We’ve got a long season ahead of us. We’re going to be alright.”

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Rivers is now 1-3 against the Patriots in his career, and 1-5 when you include the playoffs.

Turner on the loss and the Patriots’ no-huddle offense:

“New England is obviously an outstanding football team and we didn’t play well enough to come into this stadium and win.”

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“Obviously coming into the game, they are one of the top offenses in the league, one of the top 3 or 4 offenses in the league. I don’t believe the no huddle was the issue. I think they got a couple plays out of it, I think they got a couple negative plays out of the no huddle. When you line up to play a lot of guys that can make plays, they obviously have a great quarterback and you know, you have to take advantage of the times, the opportunities that we had.”

Gates on whether Patriots consciously took him out of game:

“Oh definitely. They would put a corner and a safety on me, or two safeties … they did a lot of different things to take me out of the game. I kept working at it, kept trying. The end result was I couldn’t get the ball to to come my way. When you come into a hostile environment like the Patriots, it’s hard to start off in the hole. They had a tremendous game plan and they executed well. They gave us different looks, a combination of things, making it difficult for me to release off the ball, with the defense end, linebacker, and safety dropping down to help once I released.”

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Gates going a game without a catch is a great feat by this defense.  Sergio Brown told the media that once Gates gets going he’s hard to stop, so the focus was to not let him go off.  The Pats hit him every chance they could and Gates was taken out of the game.


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