Mass. Catholic Bishops Weigh In On Gambling Bill

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts religious leaders have entered the debate over casino gambling.

The state’s four Catholic bishops are taking a stance against the bill passed by the house this week.

The bishops, led by Cardinal Sean O’Malley, say this form of predatory gambling that threatens the moral fabric of society.

Jim Driscoll, Executive Director of the Mass Catholic Conference says moderate gambling is a legitimate form of entertainment, but casinos cause too many problems.

“Expanded gambling is taking it to the other end of the spectrum. Casinos being open 24 hours, seven days a week and really praying on the people who can least afford to do it,” Driscoll told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

Proponents say the three casinos approved in the house bill would create jobs and prevent residents from going out of state to gamble.

The senate still has to approve the measure.

  • dano

    how many bingo halls do they run? The church is a fake!

  • JCA

    “this form of predatory gambling that threatens the moral fabric of society.” And we should take your advice because??? Think back a few years, then talk to us about “predatory ANYTHING that threatens the moral fabric of society”. Let those without sin cast the first stone.

  • DC

    The Bible is Fiction! Did you not get an educatation?

    • The Truth

      There’s as much truth coming out of the Bible as there is coming out of the mouths of Communist/Socialist/Marxist professors on every college campus in Massachusetts.

  • donny

    Since when are “Massachusetts religious leaders” ONLY represented by Catholics?…

  • Gene

    Dear Religious leadesr,

    Mind your own business. You can’t even keep your own house in order! Let’s see how many clergy have I seen at Foxwoods, hmmmmmm.

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