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BOSTON (CBS) – 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Nick Cattles has you covered throughout the fantasy football season, and will be answering all your questions in weekly mailbag.

Joe: I have a running back question for Week 2. Which 3 of these 4 running backs would you start: Mendenhall, McFadden, Tolbert, Green-Ellis?

The first question is McFadden’s health. He’s listed as questionable as I type this right now. I do think he’ll be ok and that he’s a must start every week. Mendenhall and Pittsburgh has something to prove this week and I think he’s a start. It comes down to Tolbert and Green-Ellis. Tolbert’s value is mostly on the goal-line, but I don’t see him getting a ton of chances in that region this week against the Patriots. Meanwhile, I do think the Patriots will be able to run on San Diego a little and that Green-Ellis is ready to get some totes after last week. Leave out Tolbert this week…

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Ryan: I need some expert help with my week 2 RBs and flex. Options:Jamaal Charles v Detroit, D’angelo Williams v Green Bay, Tim Hightower v Arizona, Deion Branch v San Diego, Plaxico Burress v Jacksonville, Johnny Knox v Chicago?

Ryan, I know Jamaal Charles didn’t start great, but I addressed that with my latest blog here on the site. I think Charles will get the most touches and produce more than well enough to warrant a start. I’ve liked Tim Hightower a lot up to this point and I’ll continue to like him. He will want to prove to Arizona that they screwed up by trading him away. For your flex, it might come down to health. If Roy Williams doesn’t play, Knox will get a ton of looks. If Williams does play, I’d lean towards Burress.

Scott: Who do I start at my 2 RB slots this week. I have Gore, Addai, Ingram, Tolbert and Hunter. I only have Hunter for insurance on Gore. Caddy and Sproles are also available, do I drop Hunter for either of them?

Hey Scott, Gore’s an every week start, so he’s the easy one. Now for the rest…Mark Ingram needs to get going before he deserves lineup time. There are a lot of chefs in that Saints kitchen right now. So, that leaves Addai vs. Tolbert for your final spot, because as you pointed out, Hunter is insurance. I think it comes down to touches and Addai will get the touches this week over Tolbert. So, Addai’s the option, though only slightly. As for dropping Hunter for Sproles or Cadillac Williams, I would give that another week or so…Check Stephen Jackson’s injury going forward and see if Caddy can handle more than 10 touches. With Ingram and Sproles, that’s one too many Saints RB’s for my liking.

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Ryan Y: Should I give the Steelers defense another shot this week and start them or should I go with my second option which is the Chargers Defense? Also which of the following recievers would be a better start? Vincent Jackson, Hines Ward or Robert Meechem?

I’d start the Steelers defense. I think Pittsburgh bounces back in a big way against a bad Seattle offense/team. The Chargers will have their hands full with the Pats. As for the receiver position, I always say a stud with a tough matchup is better than a gamble with a great matchup. The Saints share the ball a ton and Meachem has long been an inconsistent guy. Yes, he’ll have more targets with Colston gone, but Vincent Jackson is a talent. And, Jackson only saw three targets in week one…You know what happens when a #1 WR gets hardly any looks one week? I’ll tell you…that next week, he gets plenty of looks!

TJ:Joe Flacco or Kevin Kolb this week?

I like Flacco better…tough matchup for Kolb. When the QB’s are that close, go with opponent strength.

Sean: Should I be worried about Jamaal Charles this year?

I wouldn’t be just yet…I’m really high on Charles. The Chiefs were getting blown out and had to throw to try to catch up. Stay positive and think about how he got twice as many carries as any other RB and still will catch passes (6 targets in Week 1). That offensive line is questionable, but Charles has enough talent to make the best of the situation around him.

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