A Blog by Gary LaPierre

    I see and hear the casino bill is continuing its trek through the hallowed halls of the Great and General Court, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.   “You’re going to be sorry Massachusetts.”   The House of Representatives has said yes…..word is the Senate will follow suit and of course the cave-man, Deval Patrick will sign it into law.   (by cave-man, I mean he caved on this issue  like a sandcastle at high tide.)   The revenues to the state from the less than reputable elements who run the casinos are dropping like a rock in both Rhode Island and Connecticut.   They’ll drop even more when and if Massachusetts provides some more places for people to lose their money and just wait ’till all those job and revenue projections really start to come in and then, you’ll fully understand my prediction that “you’re going to be sorry Massachusetts.”    

     Oh and I learned on the Globe editorial page today, the voters in the various cities and towns, targeted for a casino will get a chance to vote “yes or no” on putting the bookie joints in their community..EXCEPT….except  in the large cities such as Boston, Worcester and Springfield.   That’s right, Boston voters would have no say at all on whether or where a gaming  joint will go and guess where head gambling cheerleader House Speaker DeLeo has an interest………….East Boston maybe?   Do ya think?   Place your bets kids.  Actually it won’t be kids…..it’ll be middle and older people placing their bets. Dropping their hard-earned dollars into one-arm bandits or at the roulette table, refusing to accept the fact…….and yes it’s fact…..the “house” is gonna win and “you” are gonna to lose.


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