BOSTON (CBS) – It’s meant to be a safety net to keep homeless families off the street, but a state representative is pushing for restrictions on a rule that allows homeless families to live in motels when shelters are full.

But now a state lawmaker wants to put some restrictions in place.

Representative Ted Speliotis says too many out-of-state families are taking advantage of the program.

He wants to see the state pass a requirement that forces family to prove they’ve lived in Massachusetts for at least six months.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

Speliotis says when the program was used in the past, it was a short term solution for people.

But now families are staying in hotels for well over a year.

48 states use waiting lists when homeless shelters are full.

“With our economy doing so much better and the rest of the country not providing this service, I’m afraid we’re gaining a reputation as a friendly welfare state,” Speliotis told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic.

Speliotis isn’t sure how much support there is for his idea, but says it’s a good starting point for debate.

Comments (5)
  1. msw says:

    Excellent proposal. When NH folks go belly up they’re given a one was bus ticket to MA to get on assistance and it sounds like this may help stem the tide of ‘out of staters’ putting a burden on our generous system.

    1. petem says:

      does that come from the NH governor? Seriously, you trolls have to get a new set of bats to beats the poor an homeless with. these are so last decade.
      I cant wait til its the relative of someone connected who gets assistance and has been in MA for a short time, or to see the big brave hard a**es take a family that moved here for a new job or to start over and lost the job to another layoff sending the job to Mexico or India. Do we not care what happens to the kids in that family?
      If only the people who have SO much to say about all the bad things the poor people, the people who have no power, are doing, instead turn on the powerful, corporate criminals who have destroyed the middle class in the is counrty…

  2. Thomas Hood says:

    “Residency?” They’re HOMELESS! How ya gonna make a homeless person prove residency? Didn’t think that through, didja? Maroon!

  3. rickf says:

    Sure send all the homeless from all over the country to MA to be taken care of. Why only put up Obama’s Aunt. The nerve of wanting to ask someone to prove they lived in this state as a contributing citizen before getting a needed helping hand.

  4. William says:

    Many of us working to pay for this program don’t have; An indoor pool, free Internet, free cable TV, free transportation, free meals, free health care, free phone etc.. YET, we give this out with no conditions or motivation to better themselves? This State and most of it’s Representatives are all bout creating a dependent class of voters that will keep them in power. I have people living in the Hotel down the street from me who aren’t even MA citizens canceling out my vote and taking tax money that should be going to support our community. We really need to remove all those in power who propose and support these types of insane programs.

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