By Joe Giza, WBZ-TV Sports Producer

BOSTON (CBS) – The big buzz for New England Patriots fans this week has been the NFL Network’s documentary on Bill Belichick, who they followed behind-the-scenes for the entire 2009 season.

Now, Belichick is well known for wearing his trademark hooded sweatshirt on the sidelines.

It’s as much a part of him as the cigar was for Celtics legendary coach Red Auerbach.

Well, after this season, the Patriots head coach is going to have to retire his entire sweatshirt collection, all of which are made by Canton-based Reebok.

That’s because, starting next year, Nike will take over the NFL apparel contract.

It’s like telling former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry he can’t wear his Fedoras any more.

NFL Vice President of Communications Brian McCarthy told WBZ-TV in a statement:

“All coaches will be outfitted by Nike beginning in 2012. They will not wear team apparel from another company. I have a feeling Nike will make a hoodie.”

So what will become of Belichick’s current hoodie collection?

A few will likely end up in Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Others might end up at the Patriots Hall of Fame outside of Gillette Stadium.


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