CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – A convenience store clerk risked life and limb when she stood up to a robber in Cambridge.

Surveillance video shows the petite woman tackle the thief and follow him out of the shop before he got away.

The man with a scarf over his face was waving his gun at another clerk demanding money.

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

That’s when the owner, named Farida, came from the back of the store, and started handing him cash. But then, he put his gun down.

“I got an opportunity,” said Farida. “I don’t want to miss that opportunity, and I throw that gun. It’s there.”

She flicks the gun off the counter sending it across the store.

Farida says, “When I threw the gun from here to there, he was scared.”

As he goes after the gun, she pounces and doesn’t let go even as he heads out the back door. She has scrapes and wounds from being dragged down the block.


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