The Patriots went into Miami and walked away with the 38-24 win over the Dolphins. Many are critical of the defensive performance by the Patriots letting the Dolphins get away with 488 yards.

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe thought that the Pats played good defense and people are critical of his analysis. Bedard spoke with Toucher & Rich about how he saw things Monday night, the Devin McCourty/Brandon Marshall matchup and Mike Wright.

In the first drive of the game the Dolphins went right down the field to score and in the last 8 minutes they gave the Pats some trouble, but Bedard says look at the middle of the game.

“In between the Patriots played really well down to down, man to man, you look at it on film and for the most part the Patriots played pretty well. And, the pressure they generated was pretty consistent,” were Bedard’s thoughts on how the Patriots defense performed.

The went on to discuss the Patriot safeties, is there concern because of how many yards they let up?

They also went on to discuss the status of Mike Wright after he left the game due to injury and did not return. Did the defensive linemen suffer another concussion and if so what does that mean for his career moving forward?

“It is a concussion, he was on the injury report, it’s not good and I don’t know if he’s ever going to play again to tell you the truth. And, I don’t think he should play again,” Bedard said.

That and so much more with Greg Bedard.


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