BOSTON (CBS) – Former New England Patriots fullback and current NFL Network analyst Heath Evans joined D.A. to discuss the spat between Tedy Bruschi and Chad Ochochinco.

After being on the field for just 18 plays, and hauling in only one catch, in the Patriots 38-24 win over Miami, Ochocinco tweeted how in awe he was over Brady’s 517-yard performance and how smooth the offense ran. This drew criticism from Bruschi, who said he should be in the playbook and studying rather than sitting tweeting.

Evans came to Ocho’s defense, saying with no OTA’s or mini-camps in the offseason, there will be more of a learning period for a new receiver in the Patriots intricate offense.

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“Wide receiver in a Tom Brady-run offense is not an easy thing. Wes Welker spoils people,” said Evans. “Timing-wise, the way this offense is run through Brady, it does take time.”

“He wasn’t brought there to be the super star that he was with Carson Palmer (and the Bengals). He was brought there to be a piece of the puzzle, he was brought there to help them win big games, a-la the New York Jets, and he will be an important piece of the puzzle when needed,” said Evans.

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“They’ll only get better as he gets more involved, but it has nothing to do with study habits or his understanding of the offense,” he said.

Heath said that Chad will be fine with the Pats and that he would not be on the field if the team did not think he could provide offense.

“This guy has electrified crowds in the NFL for 9-10 years. He’s going to get it, it’s just going to be a process,” said Evans. “Again it’s the piece of the puzzle application. Bill never thought this guy would come here and be a 1,000 yard receiver. That’s not what this offense is like and I don’t think that’s what anyone anticipated inside the Patriots organization from Chad.”


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