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BOSTON (CBS) –Fantasy Football is a marathon.  Cliché, yes, but true nonetheless.

Because you’ve had one good fantasy week does not mean that your team is going “all the way.” And, on the opposite side of the spectrum, just because you got off to a slow start, doesn’t mean that you’re done for.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some performances last week and try to gauge what they really meant in the grand scheme of things.

Donovan McNabb: No, you weren’t banking on him as a starter.  If you were, don’t even continue reading.  But, you were hoping he might be able to stick on your bench or help Percy Harvin have a successful season.  Then came a horrific performance in week one against San Diego.  Don’t worry; it won’t be that bad all season long.  Because, let’s be honest, who could be that bad twice in one season?  39 passing yards?  Really?  39 yards!  Look, there’s a reason why Philadelphia traded McNabb within their division… There’s a reason why he didn’t play in Washington.  Stop looking for the old McNabb and start hoping Harvin might, M-I-G-H-T, might, give you some good games off your bench.

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Felix Jones: Not the greatest game ever witnessed by fantasy owners, but let’s be fair; Jones was facing a tough Jets defense in an emotional game.  Don’t be concerned with the 44 yards, he’s better than that.  Be focused on the 17 carries, while the other Cowboys backs accounted for a total of FIVE.  Jones was also targeted four times by Tony Romo and ran for a touchdown.  Consider the Dallas back to be a top #2 RB going forward, with the potential of being a #1 based on his matchup.

Chad Ochocinco: The warning has been sent over the past three weeks on The Progress Software Fantasy Football Show (Sundays, 9am)… Don’t expect Ocho to be a beast this season.  Will he be better than people are giving him credit for after one week?  Yes.  Will he deserve to be in your fantasy lineup week after week after week?  Absolutely not.  Tom Brady has too many weapons and Ochocinco is still learning this offense. Even though he still has talent, he’s not the old Chad Johnson.  Keep him on your bench and hope to deploy him later on in the season, during bye weeks.

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Reggie Wayne: Sometimes it’s easy to wonder if Wayne would continue to produce with a human carcass behind center.  Maybe he just answered that last Sunday.  The man just plays ball.  Now, should you expect his 7-catch, 106-yard, one touchdown performance, every week?  No.  But you should have come to the realization a long time ago that Wayne isn’t just the result of the great Peyton Manning.  ExpectWayne to continue to help your team to the playoffs, but adjust those expectations depending on matchups.  At worst, he’s your #3 WR this year. At best, you get what we saw last Sunday.

Jamaal Charles: I know what you’re thinking; some things are just so predictable.  You know, like Tony Romo blowing a game in the final three minutes; Rex Ryan predicting his team to go to the Super Bowl; or, the Kansas City Chiefs not realizing Jamaal Charles needs to be given the dang football!  Last year it was Thomas Jones getting a share, while Charles continued to explode past defenses on a weekly basis.  Well, settle down Charles owners, settle down.  The facts are this, 1)Buffalo was destroying the Chiefs, leavingKansas City to try and throw their way back into the game, 2) Charles still got more than twice the carries of any other Chiefs RB (Charles – 10 vs. McCluster – 4), and 3) Matt Cassel still threw the ball to Charles six times.  If Charles continues to get six to seven looks fromCassel a game and the Chiefs keep it close enough to run, Jamaal will be just fine.

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