By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

If and when the proposed casino bill passes how many new state jobs will be added to the state payroll to oversee and manage this organization?  – Gary, W. Upton

None, actually.

There will be additional state jobs, but they won’t be on the state payroll.

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I contacted Speaker Robert DeLeo’s office today to ask about that.  Turns out that the casino bill that passed the House and has been sent along to the Senate would create a Gaming Commission, but fees on the gambling industry will fund the commission and its’ staff, not tax dollars.

It looks like casinos will become realities in Mass.  Senate President Therese Murray favors the bill and Gov. Patrick does, too…so it’s probably just a matter of time.

What do you think about 3 casinos in the state?  Will the good outweigh the bad?  Will you go?

  1. Arthur Taylor says:

    Why did The Globe publish an article about the political corruption involved in the casino experience in Pa. I can’t belive they might expect similar problems in Mass when considering our experince with DiMasi, and Finneran, and names too numerous to remember. Are we in trouble?


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