BROOKLINE (CBS) – Brookline police call it a way to keep kids safe, but business owners call it an invasion of privacy.

Police want to expand fingerprinting. They want ice cream truck drivers, taxi drivers and managers of stores with a liquor license to provide prints.

Brookline already requires background checks on anyone running a business in the town.

Police said the fingerprints would allow them to conduct background checks against nationwide records, and not just records in Massachusetts.

The proposal will be debated at a town meeting in November.

Comments (4)
  1. Fred says:

    I say “Go for it”. If you have not had any problems then there is nothing to worry about. I’d be very leery of anyone that didn’t want to be fingerprinted.

    1. Julie the Jarhead says:

      I’d be leary of anyone who wanted to fingerprint me — especially Brookline.

  2. LSmith says:

    I support it for the ice cream truck drivers. Who knows who is behind the wheel of those things. A lot of those guys look shady. As for the taxi cabs and the other businesses I don’t support it. They aren’t in contact with kids like the ice cream truck drivers.

  3. Lori Bowen says:

    I say it is just ONE more invasion from big brother and is a terrible idea. If people are SO worried about the ice cream truck drivers then do NOT let your kids go to the ice cream truck by themselves. Seems like common sense to me to keep an eye on your own kids instead of having big brother do it for you. Do we REALLY need them to hold our hands like this?

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