The summer with the Stanley Cup is almost over as the Bruins prepare to get back to work. The team’s first preseason game is Wednesday, September 21st with the Ottawa Senators in Ottawa.

Joe Haggerty joined Toucher & Rich to discuss the coming season, Brad Marchand’s contract issue and the Cup hangover.

After the year Brad Marchand had this past season some are surprised that he remains a free agent. The guys discussed the potential reasons that have kept the deal from getting done. What about the trade rumors and were they just part of the negotiations?

“I don’t believe that anything having to do with a trade of Brad Marchand is really going to happen. I think they are pretty close that is what I was told a couple of days ago is that they are not that far apart on what they want. I think it gets done by the weekend and he get going in training camp. And, I think nothing catastrophic is going to happen with Marchand, it’s going to end up being a couple year deal probably $5 million total, somewhere in there,” were Haggerty’s thoughts on the Marchand contract.

The guys then went on to discuss the Stanley Cup celebrations that seemed to have gone on forever. Will this summer of celebrating affect the guys once the season starts? And, are there any ways to avoid the Stanley Cup hangover?

Mark Recchi retired after the Cup win and now his alternate captain title is up for grabs. Will Shawn Thornton end up with the A on his sweater?

That and much more with Joe Haggerty.


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