BOSTON (CBS) – New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spoke with the media on Wednesday, and the two-time MVP had a foot in mouth moment.

When asked if he had a message for the fans that were coming out to Sunday’s home opener against the Chargers, Brady had some advice for fans about the 4:15 start.

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“Start drinking early,” he responded, before adding “get rowdy” and that there’s “a lot of time to get lubed up and cheer for the home team.”

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After a little bit of scrutiny, Brady later clarified his remarks through a team spokesman.

“Stay hydrated, drink a lot of water, be loud, drink responsibly,” he said.

Brady’s main point though was to make sure the fans come out loud, and make it tough for the San Diego Chargers.

“We make good plays they’re going to scream. We make bad plays they’ll probably boo us,” said Brady. “We’re going to focus on trying to make good plays. The crowd, it always helps when they’re loud, but we have to give them reasons to be loud; give them reasons to cheer for us. Hopefully those muskets will be going off a lot this weekend.”

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Comments (17)
  1. Ed S. says:

    Oh, can we please stop with the over-the-top political correctness? To suggest that the level of drinking at NFL pre-game tailgaiting is not common knowledge is just pathetic.

    Here’s an idea: Count how many BEER commercials there are during the pre-game and in-game telecasts on Sunday afternoon. And then come back and explain why Brady would need to clarify (i.e. backtrack and P.C.-ify his accurate and humorous observation) this.

    This is absurd. Self righteousness run amok.

    1. Michelle Fuller Fitzgerald says:


  2. Robin G says:

    haha, Ed you are so right!!! OMG, the beer industry practically runs the NFL~people
    shouldn’t worry about the details of what the King of football says; and please let
    him just focus on what’s important……. like this Sunday’s game! By the way,
    I am one of the lucky fans who will be at Sunday’s game and I intend on being
    as rowdy as Tom wants me to be =) GO PATS!

  3. Ty says:

    Alcohol is a perfectly legal substance…. why is everyone so sensitive about it? anyone?

  4. gramps says:

    You might remember that last year the Pat’s ‘ smoked’ Cinci in their 1st home game…..The crowd started leaving in the third quarter & the stands were really sparse in the 4th….Both Belichick & Brady had just signed new contracts B/4 the 1st game…..They both (in separate news conferences) admonished the fans for leaving early & yhey should hang in there @ future games…..

    Was it because Kraft lost a ton of concession ‘dough’…$$?…..Were they doing ‘Kraft’s bidding?…(was it payback for their brand new contracts?)

    Now this year, Brady is asking for early arrivals. Is he trying to push…. ‘consession sales for the ‘BOSS”…..Just a thought.

    ‘Ole Krafty’ didn’t get where he is today without knowing how to get the most out of his work force.


  5. Tee Kay says:

    Drink up, get smashed, and don’t forget to bring your taser gun. And we wonder why there’s more violent behavior at sporting events. Stay home and watch the damn game on your 60″” big screen.

    1. IkeB says:

      Thank you Tee Kay! I find it ridiculous that the media can discuss how tragic it was that a young man was killed by a drunk driver and in the next breath laugh at the Brady slip up!

  6. Ajay says:

    I’m not a Patriots fan, and I really don’t like Brady…. but the media has gone too far with this. The guy justs wants the home town fans out there in force. He knows, like everyone else does, that drinking in involved. He wants them fired up and rowdy. His comments had absolutely nothing to do with staying hydrated. Can’t a guy even make a joke anymore?

    P.S. I liked looking at the ad for Bacardi Oakheart rum on the side of this blog as I typed.

    1. Tee Key says:

      Sorry Ajay, you can’t joke about a subject where people get hurt and even die. Drinking causes too much tragedy in peoples lives and destroys families. I’m not one for political correctness, but some subjects don’t belong in the joke column. Got any blonde jokes? Just kidding.

      1. Drink Water - Save Larynx says:

        Sure, Tee Kay.
        But pretending his statement was something else is complete bull hockey.
        THAT is the problem, really.
        An apology for encouraging drinking or even adding a caveat saying to drink responsibly would be fine, but to pretend he meant seomthing else entirely is assinine.

  7. jaygee says:

    An off-hand comment in front of a bunch of reporters has been taken a wee bit too far. Nobody has to tell football fans to drink a little more before a game since it’s a given that many will drink “a little more” anyway. It’s fortunate that Tom didn’t also tell fans to go the casino for a little fun after the game or he really would have been in trouble with some of the high brows in this state.

  8. insomnie says:

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