By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s Jackie Kennedy Onassis like we’ve never heard her before. For the first time an historic interview by the former First Lady is now on display at John F. Kennedy Library. It’s called In Her Voice: Jacqueline Kennedy The White House Years.

In the interview, Jackie said, “We got in the White House and all the things that I always done suddenly became wonderful. Because everything the First Lady does, everyone sees.”

The museum unsealed the tapes to mark the 50th year of Kennedy’s presidency.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

The tapes are from an interview she gave in 1964 shortly after her husband was assassinated. It reveals insights into Jackie’s life and her private thoughts.

Nearly 40 different items are on display that the former First Lady had with her husband and children. Some were very happy moments others were quite tense.

One of the most notable and touching moments was during the days of the Cuban missile crisis when president Kennedy wanted to move the family to a safer location.

At that time Jackie said, “If anything happens we are all going to stay right here with you. And I said even if there’s no room in the bomb shelter in the White House I said I just want to be on the lawn when it happens. I just want to be with you and die with you and the children do to.”

The entire interview lasted eight and a half hours, and is also now a book, where Jackie Kennedy shares some deep criticism toward President Lyndon Johnson, and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

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  1. CJ Holland says:

    Where is the video of Jackie speaking

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