By Kate Merrill

BRAINTREE (CBS) – A heartless crime hits a local church trying to help orphans.

Someone stole bags of bottles and cans meant for a fundraiser.

The church estimates 2,500 cans were stolen. The money from the cans could have fed 50 children.

The small set up outside the Church of Abundant Life in Braintree is simple but its impact is huge.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

Over the past five years the church has donated $10,000 to kids in India.

All of the cans were donated by church members and the money goes to help orphans with food, medicine and education.

This weekend, the latest collection of cans was stolen right off the property. In the future, the church plans to secure the cans better in the future.

The church has not called police, but hopes the person responsible has a change of heart and returns them.



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