BOSTON (AP) — A coalition of gambling opponents is calling on lawmakers to oppose the state’s latest gaming bill that would bring three casinos and a slot parlor to Massachusetts.

Religious leaders, social workers, and gambling opponents rallied on the State House steps Tuesday to protest the bill that they say has been pushed by the state without a serious look at the economic and social costs to communities and individuals

The rally came as House Democrats held a closed-door caucus to discuss the measure that is scheduled for debate on Wednesday. House Speaker Robert DeLeo said after the meeting that the bill is about creating thousands of jobs and producing hundreds of millions in revenue for the state.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Ben Parker reports.

DeLeo said he was confident of House passage, adding that members would consider any amendments that strengthen the bill.

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  1. Frank Davis says:

    Have any of these groups that oppose the gambling sites go to any convenience store in the state? There are gambling parlors all over. It is called the State Lottery!! There are TVs broadcasting animated horse races, Keno numbers and ads to … buy more lottery tickets!!! The people who can’t afford to go to Foxwoods, Mohegan or Twin River just “hang out” at these stores. Most of the time they’re quiet but can be a huge annoyance when you want to run in, grab milk & something then they are at the checkout before you. They are worst than little kids at the old penny candy store!! “I want two #18s, three #5, what number is #45 at right now?”
    And speaking of the outside casinos, has anyone from the group look at the plates of the cars in those lots when they’re down there visiting? Great majority of them are from Massachusetts. But once again the “I want one here but not in my backyard” group will be out in force while money from the people of this state goes south of the border to CT & RI for gambling and with taxes high money goes north to NH to save money.
    So let’s vote this down so money made in this state can support our neighbor states & their economy.

  2. SICK says:

    its only20 years,too late this state lost obout 4 billon 4000000000 it gets me SICK to see all that money gooo sooouutthhh. amen SICK

  3. chilitokid says:

    I was down in Connecticut the other day beating up the Indians and the most eye opening thing I saw was the lack of people there.A day late and a bribe short Massachusetts!

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