BOSTON (CBS) – Everyone wants to get their hands on those rare low number license plates. Rachel Kaprielian, Registrar of Motor Vehicles, is in studio to draw the lucky winners live!

The full list of low license plate winners can be found on the massDOT webpage. Click here.

Originally broadcast September 13th, 2011.

Bonus Audio – The winner of the lowest plate number of the night, Deborah Marsh was finally able to get through to NightSide to share her excitement.

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  1. mary obrien says:

    Hi Dan, I turned on radio about 9:30 so missed the beginning of the show. I heard my husbands name and four digit plate called out. I didnt know the reason, and still not sure.
    He is a Vietnam Vet and decided sev. years ago to get a Vietnam license plate. He did this becaue he knew some of the proceeds went to Vets. What does he need to do , other than his regular regisration of plate to keep that number. Did he win something tonight? I enjoy your show at least 3 times a week. Mary obrien My husband is mark obrien of mansfield thank you

  2. John Rivers says:

    The recorded clip of the plate drawing only had a few named winners in the 39 minute clip. What happened to the rest of the plates?

  3. HENRY DIORIO says:

    DAN, you did a great job as always last night with the plate lottery, i wanted to clear one thing up with the first plate lottery, it was not 1992 as the REGISTRAR,S assistant stated, it was JUNE 19,1987, then REGISTRAR ALAN MACKEY, contacted ALPCA, the AUTOMOBILE LICENSE PLATE COLLECTORS ASSOCIATION, to draw the numbers, myself and 6 other club members drew the numbers, HENRY DIORIO WILMINGTON,MA

  4. Don Uvanitte says:

    Do you have a list of the RMV lottery plate winners?

  5. Rob Brooks, Pr. says:

    The entire list can viewed via the link posted above. (The whole sentence “The full list of low license plate winners can be found on the massDOT webpage here.” is a link. Click on the sentence to get to the massDOT wepage with the list.

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