Police Identify Woman Killed In Fall From South Boston Roof

BOSTON (CBS) – Police have identified a woman who was killed in a four-story fall in South Boston on Saturday.

Twenty-year-old Courtney Koke of Taunton was on a dark roof at 281 Summer Street when she fell down a shaft.

Tech rescue crews had difficulty locating her and had to breach a wall to get to her.

Police believe Koke’s death was an accident.

  • wondering


  • MMS

    the girl didn’t even drink. your ignorance is not appreciated. her and her boyfriend were taking pictures of the boston skyline. realize that this was a young woman who went through something you could never come close to imagining. drugs or alcohol were not a factor whatsoever, only tragedy. her family is grieving enough as it is, and people like you are not helping. think before you speak.

  • bk

    that is so so sad. probably for “cool facebook pictures”.. what a shame.

  • Payollajusypns
  • Emily Furtney

    she wanted pictures of the city because she was going to washington state the next week. THATS WHY THEY WERE ON THE ROOF.

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