BOSTON (CBS) – Nearly two dozen Harvard donors are vowing to stop sending money because of the University’s use of eggs from caged chickens.

According to the Harvard Crimson, More than 5,000 students signed a petition last year to switch solely to cage-free eggs.

Ted Mayer, the man in charge of dining services cited cost and other concerns and declined to make the switch.

That’s when students took their cause to the donors and convinced 21 of them to sign on.

In a letter to school administrators, the 21 donors said they were pulling their financial support for the school until it makes a complete switch to cage-free eggs.

Harvard made a partial switch to cage-free eggs in 2007, but still uses about 500,000 eggs each year from farms that cage their hens.

According to Mayer, a switch to cage-free eggs would cost $100,000 and would not guarantee humane treatment of the chickens.

Comments (5)
  1. Matt says:

    Even more evidence that Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  2. Denham says:

    an oeuf is an oeuf!

  3. eddwal50 says:

    so when they were students they ate eggs from caged hens more proof liberals are idiots

  4. emom says:

    HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA AHAHA AAHAHAHA … This makes the sponge bob story look minor.. REALLY OVER AN EGG. How about trying to get car manufactures to create better fuel burning vehicles, How about creating greener fuel for homes,, How about making solar more affordable for home owners, Stop the food costs going up, Get big oil from getting so greedy.. So many better things to do ,, But complain about whether the eggs are from caged or free range,… WOW I believe some folks in this country have issues.

    Now can I get a 3 egg omelet with ham, Swiss, onions, peppers, & tomatoes, don’t care where they come from.

  5. jaygee says:

    War in the Middle East, high unemployment, rising prices for everything and these nitwits are concerned with eggs from one chicken who is running free or another who is not. Anyone want to bet that the “Chicken 21” “push” on every door that says “pull”. I’ll bet that a few of them have even cried over this non-issue. Now I think I’ll get back to planet Earth.

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