BOSTON (AP) — Attorney General Martha Coakley is warning consumers about a robo-calling scam to steal credit and bank card numbers, and Social Security information.

Coakley says her office has received many complaints that people are getting the calls, often late at night on their cell phones.

She says the automated calls claim to be a bank or credit card company saying a card has been locked. The consumer is told to enter the card number to unlock it. Some also have been asked for Social Security numbers.

Coakley says people should hang up and contact the attorney general’s hotline, 617-727-8400.

If you have given out the information, Coakley advises placing a fraud alert with a major credit reporting bureau, and alerting the bank or credit card company.

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Comments (5)
  1. JCA says:

    Why isn’t she worried about things that are killing us. Ya know job loss, shootings, illegal immigrants(if they’re here without the proper paperwork…IT’S ILLEGAL MARSHA!)and the like? These FLUFF stories keep her in the voters minds…and nothing more.She’s a scam you fools!
    Tell her in no uncertain terms that you’re more worried about Raul and Abdul than you are about fishing scams.She won’t listen, but she should be told anyway.

  2. Cis says:

    i’m equally worried about both. the scam could be run by terrorist to fund terorist acts. likewise the scam could be perpetrated for and/or by illegals. i do not think it’s frivolous of the AG to send the warning so we can all do our part not to encourage and aid such activity.

  3. HR says:

    I got the call at 2:45AM allegedly from “Achieva Credit Union” and hung up and reported it to my credit card company. Can’t they backtrace these calls and give the trash the “horse thief treatment”.

  4. Martha N. Karst says:

    This article really hits the mark. I’ve read a lot of this scam reported by people from different states and it’s alarming to realize that it’s become prevalent.

    I did get a text like that before. told me my account’s been suspended and gave me a callback number 214-232-0615. When i looked it up online, I found out that phone number’s been reported to be connected to a scam in this site

    I just hope that people will remain vigilant and watchful so they don’t get scammed.

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