BOSTON (CBS) – Police officers continue to close in on the suspects involved in a jewelry store heist and shooting of a Woburn police officer.

On Friday, sources told WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran that officers had located the getaway car used in that crime.

Woburn police officer Robert DeNapoli, who was shot several times in the legs, was released from the hospital late Friday afternoon.

The gray Toyota Camry turned up in Jamaica Plain. Several police officers had surrounded the car Friday morning and were likely looking for evidence.

Curran reports that car, which was reported stolen, was traced back to the mother of shooting suspect Antonio Matos.

Matos is under police guard in the hospital after he was shot allegedly trying to escape. He had refused to talk to police, but on Thursday, family members identified Matos after police released photos of his tattoos.

At least two other suspects remain on the loose.

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  1. Bostone says:


    A media outlet that “GETS” the {{wink wink}} “”STOLEN”” game…. As in … Mamma done supplied the car for the crime and only AFTER they get caught reports it “”stolen””.

    False report is a FELONY I think….

  2. Mark says:

    Why is this 25 year old dirtbag living with his Madre in public housing? I know the officer who was wounded and let me tell you;if I was the officer who wounded the shooter I don’t know if I could have had the restraint to only fire two rounds.It would be awfully tempting to finish the job and save the taxpayers lots of money.However,the officer showed great strength of character and training as authorities can now try and get to the other suspects through the one who is under arrest.God Bless Bob DeNapoli and the other officers.Woburn Police are awesome!

  3. taxedout says:

    I see the guy who killed his girlfriend and 2 kids is an Illegal…I wonder if we will ever find out if this guy is???? FBI took his prints and couldn’t find him, not surprised!!!

  4. SickOfIt says:

    HMMM – A 25 year old living with his mother in public housing and not listed as a tenant who shoots a cop during a robbery?!!? How much more is this guy going to cost taxpayers during his miserable life?

  5. Chris says:

    Give him a break. He is underprivelidged and it sounds like he, nor his mother, knows who his father is. Maybe if we made him a citizen this never would have happened. He would have been on welfare and he would not have had to rob that jewelry store because he would have had the money to buy the expensive jewelry he was trying to steal. See it’s all our fault. We need to vote democrat so that this never happens again.

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