BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Mayor Tom Menino is standing by the actions taken by the Boston Police Department during Wednesday’s high speed chase that ended with the death of a suspect.

The Plymouth County District Attorney’s office is leading the investigation into whether the chase should have lasted so long or needed to involve deadly force.

Mayor Menino says state and local police were doing their job.

“The police job is to try to maintain law and order, and sometimes we try to put handcuffs on our police who maintain it,” said Menino. “They had a guy who just ran over somebody and he took off. This guy (was) hell-bent on killing somebody.”

The 20-mile chase from Roxbury to Rockland started when police say they saw a hit and run.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports 

“As far as I understand, they did follow whatever protocols were and that’s what the investigation will show,” said Menino.

  1. Joan Hogan says:

    I agree with the actions The Boston Police took. The Defendant set the wheels
    In Motion for what transpired. This Is a Very Unfortunate Incident. The defendants actions could have injured or killed other people.

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