Gresh and Zo are joined by our Red Sox insider, Sean McAdam, from Toronto to talk about the team.

Is Tim Wakefield’s quest for his 200th win ever going to be completed? Has there been a Red Sox milestone that has dragged as much as this one?

What’s the latest on Josh Beckett and when can we expect his return?

And is this Red Sox bullpen becoming a growing concern? Will that make them place a much bigger emphasis on re-signing closer Jonathan Papelbon?

That and much much more with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Red Sox insider Sean McAdam.

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  1. toosoxy says:

    I would like to think it is one game. I would like to think it means nothing for Bard’s longevity, that it’s just one of those irritating anomalies and that we’ll be fine and dandy. But I watched the whole game, so I need AT LEAST a 24 hour pout period before I can be that rational.

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