By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

MILFORD (CBS) – A huge crowd demanded justice outside Milford Town Hall Wednesday night for a young man killed in a drunk driving crash.

The death of Matthew Denice has sparked uproar over illegal immigration.

Police say an illegal immigrant with a criminal record is to blame for the crash.

Governor Patrick shared his sympathy with the Denice family. “To Matt’s family, what a terrible, terrible tragedy and the person who has been arrested and in custody I trust is going to have the book thrown at him and he should.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson reports

State officials tell us the driver, Nicholas Guaman, was arrested in Uxbridge in 2007 and in Milford in 2008.

They say Uxbridge police sent the the state fingerprints, which were forwarded to the FBI. However, state officials say Milford police never sent fingerprints to the state.

As for the Secure Communities program, the Governor says the state doesn’t have the option to join or not to join  anymore because the federal government is instituting the program nationwide by 2013.

“There is no memorandum to sign, no requirement, no request to sign it,” the Governor says.

Does the Governor have more support for the program now that it is going to be implemented across the county by 2013?

“You keep asking me about my support for the program, this is about the federal government, they don’t need my support for that. “

Comments (3)
  1. blackbear1 says:

    Given the incredulous response from our weak, ineffective governor, I can only assume that he is not going to take any action or speak out against any “Bad Guy”. He will continue to victimize the “Good Guys”. I also recall his response to the deadly shooting of a Woburn Police Officer by a man out on probation, and all the contoversy surrounding the probation dept.. He is concerned about groups being targeted?!?! I seriously question his core values.

  2. Please says:

    Nothing will be done. Mass is a sanctuary state and will be as long as Democrats are in office. They want the votes too badly, hoping for that amnesty to come from Washington. The actual citizens are not a priority in this weak and foolish state.

  3. poppen de says:

    Could be your greatest article on the web.

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