DORCHESTER (CBS) – A crane removing trees damaged by Tropical Storm Irene fell over in Dorchester on Tuesday.

The crane was leaning on some power lines spilling diesel fuel as of late Tuesday night.

As a precaution, six nearby homes were evacuated.

City officials told WBZ-TV the company did not have the proper permits to do the work and could face fines.

  1. Tedismom says:

    I have been viewing with alarm the number of cranes used for apartment moves in neighborhoods of three and four story buildings. It seems to me that there are better ways to achieve these moves, without endangering nearby dwellings by the possibility of a fallen crane. Also, why is a crane needed to remove a fallen tree? I have watched tree crews cut up and truck away fallen tress, which seems to be far safer. Furthermore I observed one of these moving companies recently, in which the crane crew did not seem to know how to operate the crane. They kept a couch suspended in midair for quite a long time, seemingly unable to shift it so that it would go into the building. In addition, cranes block the narrow streets to other traffic during the hours it takes to complete the move. The city should be more cautious in allowing permits for cranes to be used for moving or for tree removal. There are just too many of them in the city as it is, and with major high rise construction there are enough of them.

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