BOSTON (CBS) – Three people were arrested after a bar brawl near Fenway Park.

Boston Police say the fight started on the dance floor at closing time Monday morning at “Who’s On First.”

One man swung a chair and used it as a weapon. Officers attempted to handcuff the suspect, and he started to struggle with them.

A second suspect assaulted the officer and was also placed under arrest. That suspect was found to have a small stab wound on his right hip area.

Officers called EMS to escort the suspect to the hospital. He was violent to EMS and officers while being treated. This man was in possession of a fake ID, and was charged with assault and battery on a police officer.

A third suspect was seen chasing a victim from the bar and was chased by police. He threw a knife with blood on it in a parking lot and was placed under arrest. When he was being arrested, he bit an officer on the hand.

  1. WBMike says:

    I know bars make money from selling booze but they have to do a better job of knowing when to cut people off. It’s too bad, but most people are just too stupid to be responsible these days. That’s why it’s best not to put yourself in a situation where there can be drunk idiots about. :/

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