SOMERVILLE (CBS) – A suspect barricaded himself inside an apartment building at 56 Broadway in Somerville, after police tried to arrest him on an outstanding robbery warrant.

The suspect who police have tentatively identified as 30-year-old Demetrius Tragiou got into a physical struggle with the officer and fled into the apartment.

Tragiou is known to have a violent history, and told officers that he had hostages inside and he would harm them if police tried to enter.

Police secured the building and called in a SWAT team. Negotiators were able to get two females released from the apartment.

When police found out that the suspect intended to harm himself, the SWAT team forced their way into the apartment.

The suspect was found suffering from multiple self-inflicted cut wounds. He was transported to an area hospital.

He will be facing multiple charges in addition to the original arrest warrant.


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