By Dave and Dan Andelman

BOSTON (CBS) – While restaurant portions continue to get bigger and bigger, the hottest trend in burgers is going small.

Dan Andelman of the Phantom Gourmet shows us some tasty sliders.

Harry’s bar and burger in Providence proves that good things come in small packages. They specialize in old school sliders, made with premium beef and finely diced onions that get flattened into the patties right on the grill.

At Marliave in downtown Boston, the menu offers everything from fresh-shucked oysters to Beef Wellington. But the best presentation is for the Gourmet Meatball Sliders topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella.

The Lansdowne pub next to Fenway Park puts an Irish twist on the all-American mini-burger.

Their most popular starter is three bite-sized patties topped with Irish bacon and cheddar cheese on buttered, toasted buns. And some favorite foods are getting miniaturized as well: “mini-cupcakes”, bite-sized donuts and mini-whoopie pies are started to show up on dessert menus.


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