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Joe:  Trying to trade Rashard Mendenhall for Arian Foster while Foster is hurt. Think this is a bad idea?

Earlier in the week I would have said this was a deal that was certainly risky, but worth taking.  Ahh, the lovely world of fantasy and how it changes so quickly!  Now with the latest information hinting towards Foster possibly sitting for a couple of weeks, I’d be much more reluctant to part ways with Mendenhall.  Hamstrings are always tough and tend to linger.  I’d be leery of Foster and his bulky leg…for now.

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Josh: What are your thoughts about Montario Hardesty?

If anyone watched Peyton Hillis last year, they would have noticed that the big back slowed towards the end of the year.  His size and lack of experience carrying the load in the NFL led to some tread on those tires.  I liked Hardesty last year as a late round pick, until he hurt himself.  This year, I like him again.  I think he wouldn’t be the worst gamble in the late rounds, as I expect Cleveland to lighten the load on Hillis at least a little bit.

Kevin: Ryan Mathews or Ryan Grant?

Interesting question, since both guys will be part of a committee.  All the reports I’ve read during the preseason is that Grant has looked unimpressive, while James Starks has looked explosive.  I also think Mathews has a lot to prove and is ready for a good season.  If it’s standard scoring, you have to watch out for Tolbert getting some vulture scores.  All in all, I like Mathews slightly more than Grant.

 John:  I have the 8th pick overall in my draft this weekend, who should I go with?

This is an interesting question, with all the latest on the running backs coming out.  First and foremost, Arian Foster’s hamstring might actually cause him to slip to the late first round.  If that’s the case, Foster should be your pick at #8, because he’s just got too much talent to pass at that point.  If Foster’s gone, I like going with a Wide Receiver in that spot, especially if it’s a PPR (Points Per Reception) League.  The running back you can get at #8 will likely be the same back you can get in the early second round – potential with questions or tread on the tires.  I like Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson at that spot…

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Eric:  Is Tony Romo an Elite QB this year?

I don’t like Tony Romo as an NFL Quarterback…BUT, in fantasy, I think he’ll be in that upper tier of QB’s.  Slot him safely behind the top six we all know of.  Romo has weapons and when he and Austin are both healthy, things tend to click.  Also don’t overlook Felix Jones’ effect on that offense this year, he’s more apt to catch balls out of the backfield, which means more yards and TD opportunities for Romo.  Think 30 touchdowns with 15-20 picks…

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